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School Values: Care for Others

Rosenort School Staff

The Rosneort School staff are dedicated to providing a positive learning environment in our school community.



Mission Statement

The Rosenort School community is a collaborative, safe and engaging learning environment that empowers students to discover their passions and achieve their highest potential.

School Programs

Rosenort School offer a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular experiences for the student body....

Red Hawks Nation

The Red Hawk sports programs provide students with invaluable learning opportunities while competing for the Red Hawks Nation....

Committed to Excellence

Students and staff are committed to providing a caring environment for the local and global community...

Senior Girls Basketball
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Home of the Redhawks Nation...


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Kindergraton – Grade 8
Twyla Bartel (Kindergarten)                  
Lisa Kroeker (Grade 1/2)                       
Cassandra Tetrault (Grade 1/2)             
Brenda Kornelsen (Grade 3/4)               
Brandi Ferguson (Grade 3/4)                 
Audra Hildebrand (Grade 3/4)               
Connor Hopper (French 3-8)                  
Tyler Kornelsen (Grade 5/6 - Vice Principal)
Tamara Lopez (Grade 5/6)                    
Gwen Friesen (Grade 7/8)                     
Leah Berard (Grade 7/8)                       
Bridget Lento (PE)                                

Senior High
Brent Dueck (Outdoor Education/Internship)
Arlin Scharfenberg (Math & Social Studies)
Samantha Sansome (ELA & French)       
Amberley Davidson (ELA/Senior Science)
Bev Isabey (Senior PE)                          
Jared Dueck (Math/Science)                 
Audra Hildebrand (Choir)                      
Admin/Student Services
Jannine Sabourin (Resource)                
Shawna Stevenson (Guidance)              
Jennifer Reimer (Head Secretary)        
Mary Friesen (Librarian)                       
Donna Friesen (Secretary)                    
Jerry Waldner (Principal)                     

Support Staff
Gloria Dueck
Renee Waldner
Linda Sattherwaite
Alvina Firesen
Marlene Dueck
Christie Klassen
Deanna Kroeker 

Custodial Staff
Jay Wiebe (Head Custodian)

Clinical Staff
Jannine Sabourin (Resource)
Shawna Stevenson (Guidance)
Administrative Staff
Jennifer Reimer (Head Secretary)
Mary Friesen (Librarian)
Donna Friesen (Secretary)
Jerry Waldner (Principal)

Robyn Fehr
Evie Voth

Committed to Excellence.

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